About me

 I live in the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand, India. 10 years ago my family and I uprooted ourselves from the business capital of India, Mumbai, and drove with our pooch and kids to the hills. It was a great adventure building our permanent home in the hills. 

I love reading, music, photography, hiking, and trying my hands at making new things and my passion is to live as sustainably and as eco-friendly as possible. 

One of the main reasons for us to shift to the hills was to live a better life and that is only possible when we eat the right food. That in short would be organic food. Food that is grown without chemicals, without any genetic modification

I started studying food grown in Uttarakhand especially in the rural areas and found most of the small farm holding practiced organic farming.

This started my passion for learning to live as sustainably and as close to nature as possible.

I have just started my journey into Digital marketing. So there is a section on Digital marketing as well. I see a great future in work, marketing, and education going online wherever it is possible. I homeschooled my children a precursor to online education today. These times are different and I think different can be a great opportunity to reinvent oneself. 


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