My name is  Madhavi.

Welcome to my blog. In case you are wondering why it’s called Madongreen? Because I am Mad short for Madhavi writing on everything “Green”.

Eating healthy has become the top priority for all of us. This blog is my journey into the world of a better food option to conventional food that we usually consume, the world of organic food and products. Join me to find out why organic food is better and sustainable and what type of food we should eat and why.

New organic materials are being developed and I am ever eager to find out what they are and how do they work. There is organic cotton, hemp fabric, nettle fabric, banana fabric Modal, bamboo for construction.

I will be discovering the latest trends in organic cosmetics and skincare and feature guests who use and review these products.

Explore along with me the possibilities of recycling and reusing and new trends in technology which is moving towards a greener world be they solar batteries or ecological solid-state ones.

There is a section on Digital marketing as well because digital is organic too.

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Thanks for joining in my journey. I hope to inspire and take inspiration from you. We need to work towards a better, cleaner, and greener world. For me, the only way to a better future world is to go green.